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AMDA Photography & Video: Elevating Corporate Events through Captivating Imagery

Ivan Piedra
Project Type

Custom Website Portfolio


Photography & Video



About the Project

AMDA Photography, a prominent name in the field of event photography, embarked on a project to enhance its corporate event photography services. The project aimed to capture the essence of corporate events, ranging from conferences to parties, in a way that not only documents the event but also highlights its significance and energy. The project also involved showcasing the expertise of their lead photographer, Ivan Piedra, and his unique approach to event photography.

The Problem

Corporate events often encapsulate crucial moments for companies, including brand launches, team-building activities, and significant celebrations. Capturing these moments requires not just photographic skill, but an understanding of corporate culture and event dynamics. AMDA Photography identified a gap in the market for high-quality, professional photography that could encapsulate the essence of corporate events, beyond standard documentation.


To address this, AMDA Photography leveraged its 15 years of experience in event photography, focusing on delivering high-quality, professional images that align with corporate branding and marketing needs. They introduced the use of the latest technology and equipment to ensure top-tier photography services. Flexibility in adapting to various environments and client needs was a key aspect, ensuring personalized and relevant photographic documentation of each event.

Project Highlights

Experienced and Professional Approach

AMDA Photography brought over 15 years of experience to the project, ensuring an in-depth understanding of corporate event dynamics and client expectations.

Technological Excellence

The use of the latest photography technology and equipment enabled the capture of high-quality images, suitable for a range of corporate needs, from magazines to social media content.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The team’s ability to adapt to different environments and client requirements ensured tailored services for each event, regardless of location or time.

Unique Photographic Style

Ivan Piedra’s distinctive style and approach to capturing moments, from landscapes to intimate portraits, added a unique artistic flair to the corporate events, elevating standard event photography to art.

Impact and Outreach

The project’s online presence was significantly enhanced through a collaboration with Upperside Media, who developed AMDA Photography’s website. This platform not only showcases their portfolio but also provides an intuitive user experience for potential clients seeking to explore and understand AMDA’s services.

This case study encapsulates the essence of AMDA Photography’s approach to corporate event photography – a blend of professionalism, experience, and artistic vision, all tailored to meet the specific needs of corporate clients.

Upperside Media expertly crafted a website that captures the essence of my photography. Their attention to detail, aesthetic design, and user-friendly interface truly stand out. They not only delivered a visually appealing platform but also provided ongoing support, ensuring the website evolves with my work. I highly recommend Upperside Media for their exceptional service and understanding of artistic vision.

Ivan Piedra
Ivan Piedra

Founder & CEO AMDA Photography