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Essex Regional Educational Services Commission: Enhancing Educational Excellence



Project Type

Custom Website





About the Project

Essex Regional Educational Services Commission (ERESC) operates several special education and alternative schools, including Essex Junior Academy, Essex Campus Academy, Essex High School, and Sojourn High School. These institutions are dedicated to providing exceptional educational experiences that focus on the individual needs of students. To further their mission and effectively communicate their values and programs, ERESC collaborated with Upperside Media to develop a comprehensive website.

The Problem

ERESC faced the challenge of effectively showcasing its diverse educational programs, core values, and unique approach to learning in a way that was accessible and engaging for students, parents, and the community. There was a need for a digital platform that could encapsulate the essence of ERESC’s educational philosophy and offer detailed information about their schools and services.


Upperside Media developed a user-friendly and informative website for ERESC. The website was designed to effectively communicate the commission’s core values, such as challenging academics, empowerment, diversity, whole-child focus, emphasis on relationships, community partnerships, and a safe educational environment. This platform served as a central hub for information and resources, catering to the needs of current and prospective students, parents, and staff.

Project Highlights

Detailed Information on Educational Programs

The website provided comprehensive information on the various schools and programs under ERESC, making it easy for users to understand and access the services offered.

Showcasing Core Values

The website effectively communicated the commission’s core values and educational philosophy, highlighting their commitment to diversity, student empowerment, and whole-child development.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

The platform emphasized ERESC’s focus on community involvement and collaboration, showcasing how these partnerships enhance the educational experience.

User-Friendly Experience

With Upperside Media’s expertise, the website offered an intuitive and engaging user experience, facilitating easy navigation and access to key information about ERESC’s schools and programs.

Impact and Outreach

The collaboration between Essex Regional Educational Services Commission and Upperside Media successfully bridged the gap between the commission’s educational services and the community they serve. The development of the website not only streamlined access to information but also vividly portrayed ERESC’s dedication to educational excellence and student development. This case study highlights the transformative impact of digital solutions in effectively communicating the values and offerings of educational institutions.