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FunWorks Media

Project Type

Custom Website




About the Project

Funworks Media, founded by Erik Weasenforth, is a dynamic marketing agency specializing in family entertainment centers, small businesses, and amusement parks. The company was formed with the goal of infusing fun into marketing strategies within these sectors.

The Problem

Family entertainment centers and amusement parks often struggled with effectively marketing themselves in a way that captured the excitement and joy they offer. Traditional marketing approaches were not fully conveying the unique experiences these venues provide.


Upperside Media stepped in to develop a vibrant and engaging website for Funworks Media. The website aimed to reflect the fun and energy of Erik Weasenforth’s vision and to showcase the range of creative marketing services offered by Funworks Media.

Project Highlights

Video Production

The website highlights Funworks Media’s expertise in producing high-quality, engaging videos that capture the essence of family entertainment and amusement parks.

Social Media Marketing

A dedicated section on the site showcases their innovative approaches to leveraging social media platforms to increase engagement and attract visitors.

Photography Services

The website features a gallery of vibrant photography work, demonstrating Funworks Media’s ability to capture the excitement and appeal of their clients’ offerings.

Graphic Design

The site also emphasizes their graphic design capabilities, showcasing a portfolio of eye-catching designs that effectively communicate the fun and excitement of the entertainment industry.

Impact and Outreach

The website developed by Upperside Media has successfully positioned Funworks Media as a leader in marketing for family entertainment centers and amusement parks. It serves not only as a portfolio of their work but also as an example of their ability to create marketing that is as fun and engaging as the venues they promote. The website has increased visibility for Funworks Media, attracting a wider range of clients and establishing the company as a go-to expert in fun and creative marketing solutions.

With this collaboration, Upperside Media has provided Funworks Media with a digital platform that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of fun and engagement that Erik Weasenforth envisioned for his marketing services in the family entertainment industry.

Good company that makes nice websites and quick turnaround! I've gotten several leads for my business from my website in the past month alone. Thanks Joe and Upperside Media!

Erik Weasenforth
Erik Weasenforth