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reFOCUS is a lifestyle company dedicated to providing plant-based meal replacement shakes.

Project Type
Custom Ecommerce
Nutrition / Beverage

About the Project

reFOCUS is a lifestyle company dedicated to providing plant-based meal replacement shakes. These shakes are designed to offer complete nutrition for an active and healthy lifestyle, ensuring that individuals can maintain a balanced diet conveniently. The website, developed by Upperside Media, serves as the primary platform for their products and community engagement.

The Problem

Many people struggle with maintaining a balanced diet due to busy lifestyles, dietary restrictions, or difficulty in accessing nutritious meals. There was a need for a convenient, nutrient-dense meal replacement that catered to various dietary needs while being easy to integrate into daily routines.


Upperside Media developed the reFOCUS website to address these issues by offering a user-friendly platform where customers can learn about, purchase, and subscribe to plant-based meal replacement shakes. These shakes are formulated to provide over 26 essential vitamins and minerals, making them a viable alternative to traditional meals.

Project Highlights

Complete Nutrition

reFOCUS shakes deliver all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, supporting a balanced diet without the hassle of traditional meal preparation.


The ready-to-drink shakes require no mixing or blending, making them ideal for individuals on the go. They come in various pack sizes and flavors, including seasonal options.


The shakes are plant-based and free from dairy, nuts, soy, gluten, and lactose, promoting minimal environmental impact and catering to a wide range of dietary restrictions.

Community Engagement

reFOCUS encourages a sense of community through its brand ambassador program, inviting health and fitness enthusiasts to join their mission and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Impact and Outreach

By addressing the need for convenient, nutritious, and sustainable meal options, reFOCUS has established itself as a key player in the health and wellness market. The website developed by Upperside Media plays a crucial role in delivering this solution to customers effectively.