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Zooom Studios ā€“ Premiere Manufacturers / Designers of Redemption Arcade Games

Zooom Studios
Project Type

Custom Website

Redemption Arcade Games

About the Project

Zooom Studios is a newly introduced premier manufacturer and designer of redemption and self-merchandising arcade games. They are dedicated to creating innovative, engaging, and high-quality arcade experiences that captivate players and provide exceptional entertainment value.

The Problem

As a new player in a competitive market, Zooom Studios faced several challenges:

  1. Brand Awareness: Establishing a recognizable brand in the crowded arcade game market.
  2. User Engagement: Creating an engaging online platform that would attract and retain visitors.
  3. Showcasing Innovation: Demonstrating the uniqueness and quality of their arcade games.
  4. Effective Communication: Ensuring seamless communication channels for potential clients and partners.


To address these challenges, Zooom Studios partnered with Upperside Media to develop a website that would serve as the cornerstone of their digital presence. Upperside Media created a visually stunning, interactive, and easy-to-navigate website that effectively communicated Zooom Studios’ brand values and showcased their innovative arcade games.

Project Highlights

Innovative Design

The website features a modern and visually appealing design that captures the essence of Zooom Studios’ innovative arcade games. Bold graphics, vibrant colors, and dynamic layouts make the site engaging and memorable.

User-Friendly Interface

Upperside Media designed the website with a focus on user experience, ensuring intuitive navigation and easy access to information. Visitors can effortlessly explore the range of arcade games, learn about the company’s offerings, and get in touch with Zooom Studios.

Interactive Elements

The website includes interactive elements such as game demos, video showcases, and virtual tours. These features allow visitors to experience the excitement of Zooom Studios’ arcade games firsthand, enhancing user engagement

Responsive Design

Understanding the importance of accessibility, the website was developed with a responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones. This broadens the reach and accessibility of Zooom Studios’ online presence

Impact and Outreach

The collaboration with Upperside Media resulted in a powerful online platform that effectively addresses Zooom Studios’ challenges. The website not only elevates the brand’s visibility but also highlights their innovative arcade games, engages users, and facilitates efficient communication. With their new website, Zooom Studios is well-positioned to attract and retain clients, establishing themselves as premier manufacturers and designers in the redemption arcade game industry.