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How to Create a Communication Plan

How to Create a Communication Plan

Are you a New Jersey online business owner? Are you looking for New Jersey website marketing? Here at Upperside Media, communication is in our blood, and our dedicated team strives to deliver our customers the very best marketing solutions possible with an effective Communication Plan.

However, we know that no two clients are the same. That is why we focus on creating a dedicated communication plan for everyone we work with. This strategy ensures that you will always understand what is happening, what is required, and what your expectations are. A communication plan serves as a layer of accountability, allowing us to identify any issues and what steps are needed to resolve them.

The Upperside Media Process…

With years of experience between us, our team knows the importance of effective communication. That is why we have developed our unique and thorough Upperside Media process, which has been specifically designed to help ensure you always know exactly what is happening, what is required, and what the next steps are.

So how do you create a communication plan? No matter whether you are looking for New Jersey website marketing or an in-depth digital campaign, we thought we would look at some of the most important tips to developing a proven communication plan:

  • Implement Project Status Meetings

Every New Jersey online business owner will understand the importance of having regular project status meetings. This is a chance for clients and marketers to exchange information, swap ideas, and share any thoughts or opinions on how the current strategy is performing.

When developing a communication plan, you should set a clear frequency on when these status meetings should occur. This frequency should be dictated by the client, but typically a monthly catch-up is encouraged. When developing your communication plan, you should also outline what each status meeting will feature, and the level of reporting that will be required every time.

  • Focus on timely communication

Developing a communication plan is all about doing just that, communicating. That is why you should focus on ensuring there is always regular and timely communication between the project team and the client. Failure to do this can result in miscommunication and a poor experience for all involved.

  • Ensure everyone in the team understands

A very common mistake when it comes to New Jersey website marketing is failing to have the entire team understand exactly what is occurring. While the Project Manager should have an in-depth oversight of the whole project, each team leader also needs to. They should be able to have a clear understanding of their own tasks, any issues that might occur, and also what they require from other team members.

Following these discussions, the Project Manager should then collate them together and share the team report around to everyone.

  • Utilize a collaboration tool

In this digital world, there are some fantastic collaboration tools designed to help make your communication strategies even easier. These solutions, such as Microsoft Project or Google Hangout, allow users to easily manage the task list, collaborate across documents, and produce in-depth reports, no matter where they might be currently working from.

  • Understand your clients

No two clients are the same, so it is crucial you understand the best methods of communication preferred by your client. You should also be aware of different cultures and how that might impact the way they speak about any issues or concerns.

Want to discover the Upperside Media Process?

If you are a New Jersey online business owner and want to find out what makes the Upperside Media Process so unique, get in touch with our dedicated team today.

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