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How to Manage Business Communication Conflict

How to Manage Business Communication Conflict

Every New Jersey business owner understands the dangers of conflict. No matter whether a business communication conflict is between colleagues, management, or a client, conflict can be incredibly damaging to a company.

Experts suggest that eight times out of ten, conflict arises from poor communication, with misunderstandings creating lasting negativity. Here at Upperside Media, as one of the leading marketing agencies in New Jersey, we understand the importance of communicating clearly and frequently.

To help avoid conflict, we strive to implement our Upperside Media process of communication both internally and externally. This unique process has been created to ensure sensitivity to our team’s strengths but also the success of the project. Effective communication is the key to conflict management for every New Jersey business owner, but do you manage it?

Tips for managing business communication conflict

When it comes to managing conflict in business communications, it can be tough to know where to begin. It can often be quite an emotional topic to overcome, so if you are experiencing issues, we have put together our basic guide to smooth communications:

Conflict is part of the course

No matter how hard you try, conflict will always occur. As humans, we will always disagree on certain topics, but it is how we respond and deal with them that determines whether it is a major issue or a constructive process.

Make sure your entire team understands what is expected of them should issues arise. This includes how to communicate with colleagues or clients, what they need to, and how to resolve them. Having a clear communication plan helps to provide a framework for this and gives everyone strategies on what to do next.

Act swiftly

No matter what the issue might be, letting it simmer in the hope it will go away is never a good idea. When conflict arises, make sure you immediately take action to resolve it. Listen to both sides and try to understand the causes of the concern, but remember to always maintain a professional approach. This means no taking sides or addressing personal issues and instead always focusing on the work that has to be done.

Stay focused on the task

Conflict has a habit of being a major distraction, which often results in work being delayed or delivered to a lower quality than you expect. That is why a golden rule for New Jersey business owners when it comes to business communication conflict is to remain focused on the project. This means staying on task, on budget, and on time, always pushing towards the defined goals of the project.

Motivate everyone

Teamwork is challenging, as everyone will naturally wonder “What is in it for me?” Every individual will have their own personal goals and aims, so it is essential that you are motivating the entire team and helping to align their common goals.

Learn from it!

Conflict does not always have to be a negative thing. Addressing these issues and using them as a tool to learn from can help you significantly strengthen your offering. There is no such thing as a perfect project, and problems will arise, but understanding them early enough and acting on them can help you to transform your operations.

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