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The Ultimate Guide to Giving Feedback

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Feedback

As one of the leading New Jersey content marketing agencies, we know how important good communication is. Not only between our clients and their consumers but also between our team and the client.

When it comes to New Jersey online business marketing, the key to success is knowing how to provide relevant feedback. This can seem like a daunting task, as you might not want to seem overly critical or ungrateful; however, feedback is essential in ensuring you get the very best results.

How to give feedback

Say you are looking for the best New Jersey website design; in order to achieve the website of your dreams, you will need to be able to provide the right level of feedback to the site builder to ensure they understand exactly what it is you need.

When it comes to providing feedback, there are several things you should keep in mind:

Build a foundation of trust
Having that level of trust with your designer, or the client, is crucial when it comes to giving good feedback. When you are able to establish that trust, you will better understand where the other party is coming from and will know that it is being provided in a professional manner with the goal of achieving the best result.

Provide context
When providing feedback, it is very important to frame it in the context of your project’s goal. These need to be established before the project begins, but once created, you will be able to ensure that your feedback is always attributed to the success of the project.

Be clear
One of the most common issues with New Jersey online business marketing is vague feedback. Phrases such as “something is missing” or “I’m not feeling it” does not help to resolve any issues. That is why your feedback needs to be very clear and concise, ensuring the other party knows exactly what they need to do to rectify the problems.

Don’t offer solutions
When giving feedback, try to steer clear of providing potential solutions. When working with professionals, you need to trust that they know the best options to give you the best New Jersey website design or content marketing.

Explain your thinking
Communication is essential, so when providing feedback, be prepared to explain your thinking. The more information you can provide, the clearer the solution will become. Just remember that when explaining, you need to relate your thoughts back to the overall goals.

Be nice
Feedback is challenging as you do not want to upset the other party. That is why when providing any criticism, you should sandwich it between positive aspects that you like. This helps to keep the conversation respectful and keeps the relationship positive.

Be objective
This can be challenging, but when providing feedback, you should try and keep personal feelings and preferences out and focus on what is right for the success of the project. This includes keeping things such as ‘I don’t like out, instead of using phrases such as ‘our clients might not understand this.’ Equally, try not to target the designer directly on what they have done, but instead speak about the website as a whole.

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We actively encourage our clients to provide in-depth feedback, and we always have an open channel of communication, ensuring we are working toward the same goal. Want to find out more? Get your free estimate today!

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