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CommuniPets: A Pet Social Media Platform Donated to its Members!



Project Type

Social Network Platform


About the Project

CommuniPets, developed by Upperside Media, is an innovative online community exclusively for pet lovers. This platform offers a unique and safe space for pet enthusiasts to connect, share, and grow their love for animals.

The Problem

Pet lovers lacked a dedicated online space where they could freely share and celebrate their pet relationships, learn from each other, and explore pet-related projects and ventures without platform interference.


Upperside Media created CommuniPets, a specialized platform designed to foster a supportive and engaging community for pet owners and animal lovers. This platform is tailored to enable personal interactions, peer-to-peer group formations, and an undisturbed space for sharing pet experiences.

Project Highlights

Exclusive Community Building

CommuniPets serves as a unique forum where pet lovers can laugh, learn, and share, establishing a robust peer-to-peer network.

Family-Friendly and Safe Environment

The platform ensures a safe and welcoming space, ideal for both adults and children to interact and build a community of fans.

Advanced Features and Interactivity

Upperside Media incorporated features like Filters, Hashtags, Videos, Multi-image Posting, Chat/Messenger, Stories, and Stickers to enrich the user experience.

Empowering Memberships

By becoming a Supporting Member, users contribute to the platform’s growth, helping to develop essential services for the community and gain access to exclusive benefits.

Impact and Outreach

CommuniPets, supported by Upperside Media’s expertise, stands as a testament to the power of community-driven platforms. The website not only offers a haven for pet lovers but also promises a future where the collective voice of a large pet owner community can negotiate for better products and services. The project illustrates how targeted digital solutions can create meaningful communities and deliver tangible benefits to its members.

Join CommuniPets today to be a part of this vibrant, pet-loving community and help build “Your Community” with Upperside Media’s innovative digital strategies.

As the CEO of CommuniPets, I had the pleasure of working with Upperside Media and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with Joseph's professionalism and courteous demeanor made working with him a breeze. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the programming requirements and executed the project swiftly, providing regular progress updates and offering affordable pricing. I highly recommend Upperside Media for anyone seeking reliable and efficient service for their project needs.

Alexander Acuna
Alexander Acuna

Founder & CEO of CommuniPets