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IMP STUDIOS & Thinkreel: Emmy Award Winning Video Editors – Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineers

IMP STUDIOS & Thinkreel
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Custom Website Portfolio


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About the Project

IMP Studios & Thinkreel embarked on a project to elevate their video production services. This New Jersey-based company, staffed by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning talent including producers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, and composers, aimed to meet the growing and diverse needs of their clients in video production.

The Problem

The rapidly evolving landscape of video production presents continuous challenges, including staying ahead in technology, meeting diverse client demands, and providing comprehensive services ranging from full-scale productions to studio rentals. IMP Studios & Thinkreel recognized the need to adapt and evolve their services to stay competitive and satisfy their clients’ varied requirements.


To address these challenges, IMP Studios & Thinkreel focused on leveraging their team’s extensive industry experience and accolades to offer a wide range of high-quality video production solutions. They aimed to create a seamless experience for clients, whether they required a complete production setup or just studio space. Adapting to technological advancements and client expectations was a key strategy in maintaining their position as a leading video production company.

Project Highlights

Award-Winning Team

The involvement of Emmy and Grammy Award-winning professionals ensured top-tier quality in every aspect of production, from scripting to post-production.

Diverse Talent Pool

The team’s diverse skills in production, direction, music composition, and cinematography allowed for a broad range of services, catering to various project requirements.

Adaptability and Technological Advancement

Keeping up with the latest technological trends in video production, the company continually adapted its techniques and equipment to deliver cutting-edge results.

Flexibility in Services

Offering both full-scale production services and studio rentals provided clients with a versatile range of options to suit their specific needs.

Impact and Outreach

The project also included the development of a comprehensive website by Upperside Media. This website was designed to effectively showcase the breadth of IMP Studios & Thinkreel’s services, their award-winning team, and their portfolio of work. Upperside Media’s expertise in web design ensured that the website was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, reflecting the professional standards and creative essence of IMP Studios & Thinkreel.

Upperside Media expertly crafted a website that reflects IMP Studios' professionalism and creativity. Their understanding of our industry is evident in the site's design and functionality, making it visually stunning and user-friendly. The positive feedback from clients and our team has been overwhelming. Upperside Media's ongoing support ensures our website remains current, aligning with our evolving needs. We highly recommend them for their exceptional service and commitment to quality.

Adam Richie
Adam Richie

Executive Producer