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Loc Soc: Innovation in Hair Care and Fashion


Loc Soc

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Retail (Fashion Accessory)



About the Project

Loc Soc, initiated in 1995 in a fashion design studio, revolutionized hair care and fashion. The brand, with its unique hair tube, evolved from a practical solution for hair protection in a studio environment to a versatile fashion accessory. This case study highlights the journey of Loc Soc, showcasing its problem-solving origins, innovative solutions, and the pivotal role played by Upperside Media in developing their e-commerce platform.

The Problem

The initial challenge was twofold: protecting hair from dust and machinery hazards in a fashion studio, and addressing common issues like hair stress, lint accumulation, and managing locks during daily activities. There was a clear need for a multifunctional hair accessory that was both practical and stylish.


Loc Soc’s solution was the creation of the original hair tube, a versatile accessory serving various purposes: hair protection at night, during showers, while eating, and as a fashion statement. Recognizing its potential, Loc Soc expanded its range to include headbands, Napp Capps, and scarves. The e-commerce website developed by Upperside Media played a crucial role in making these innovative accessories accessible to a broader audience.

Project Highlights

Versatility and Functionality

Loc Soc products, starting with the hair tube, addressed multiple hair care needs while adding style to the user’s wardrobe.

Fashion Integration

The transition from a protective garment to a fashion statement was significant. Loc Soc’s debut in a fashion show marked its entry into the fashion industry, leading to the expansion of its product line.

Inclusive Design Philosophy

Emphasizing that their products are suitable for everyone, Loc Soc broke the stereotype of hair accessories being exclusive to specific hair types or styles.

E-Commerce Expansion

Upperside Media’s development of the Loc Soc e-commerce website was a game changer, providing a platform for wider reach and engagement with customers, showcasing the diverse range of products with ease and efficiency.

Impact and Outreach

Loc Soc’s journey from a simple hair protection solution to a renowned fashion accessory brand exemplifies innovation driven by practical needs. The collaboration with Upperside Media in creating an e-commerce platform further propelled the brand, enabling it to reach a global market and solidify its presence in the fashion and hair care industry.